I am currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at The University of Warwick. I really enjoy teaching and have been teaching debating and public speaking for over 3 years, training over 35 students in KS3/4 and coaching many winning teams . I am truly passionate about the subjects I currently study, however my academic interests extend beyond these as I also have a passion for essay- writing and English generally which I have channelled into extracurricular experiences such as writing for The Times and winning several national essay competitions. My teaching style is collaborative and supportive whilst also being highly structured to ensure all necessary learning is covered in sufficient depth and to provide scope to stretch my students further where possible. I aim to deepen my students’ understanding of content but crucially to develop their analytical skills and encourage the application of this knowledge. Overall, the goal at the heart of my teaching approach is to make the learning process a sustainable one and hopefully a fun one!

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