Make a difference, become a Peppo Tutor...

We’ve seen first-hand, how tutoring can change a child’s life. With a bit of tuition a child can gain the confidence and knowledge to answer questions in class and begin to love learning.

It doesn’t take long to teach a child how to love learning and it stays with them for a lifetime.

If you want to make a difference and you are passionate about a subject that you have successfully studied at GCSE then you could be a Peppo Tutor.


Fair hourly pay for your hard work

For every child you teach (other than as part of the English Conversation Club – which is voluntary) you will be paid £15 per hour (subject to any deduction for a DBS check).  All payments will be made monthly in arrears. When you become a tutor you will need to register as self-employed on the HMRC website.   

The opportunity to be a Certified Peppo tutor

If you attend the training and complete 10 hours of teaching through Peppo then you will become a Certified Peppo Tutor.  Teaching is a great skill to have and looks fantastic on your CV.


A forum to meet and chat to other tutors

Tutoring can be a lonely experience and there is so much that tutors can learn from each other and so we hold virtual staff room meetings where you can come along with a coffee and a question or an idea. We also encourage our tutors to join and participate on our Peppo Tutor Facebook group.

Comprehensive training

If you are not a qualified teacher then you will have the opportunity to attend a bespoke tutoring training course, free of charge. The course will be carried out online. The training will provide you with the skills you need to plan engaging tuition sessions.


Flexible teaching, when and where you want it

We understand that you are busy and need to make tutoring work around your schedule. So we allow you to set the times when you are able to teach giving you that flexibility. We will also try and give you a varied teaching experience of private tutoring and tutoring disadvantaged children.