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Corporate Social Mobility Programmes can have a huge impact

 Corporate Social Mobility Programmes

There are many fantastic corporate social mobility programmes that give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to experience the workplace through internships. 

At Peppo we believe that if those brilliant programmes go a step further and provide young people with academic tuition then they can have a longer lasting impact.  By providing academic tutoring they will help to give the student a chance to get into the best universities, to study their chosen subject and ultimately to pursue the career they want. They also create a huge amount of loyalty and a valuable relationship between the student and the corporate.

How it works
It's really very simple! Click through to find out how we could work together to give students on your social mobility programme an extra boost.
Peppo takes cares of all the administration contacting the A-Level students to find out what tutoring would most help them.
Tutor Allocation
Peppo will carefully select one of its handpicked, enhanced DBS checked tutors who will be both a great tutor and mentor for the student.
The tutor will contact the student to arrange a day and time for the personalised 1-to-1 online A-Level tutoring.
Peppo will provide you with a regular update on the tutoring and a final impact report on both the tutoring provided to the students and on the free tutoring that has been delivered because of your involvement with Peppo.
That's it!
We told you it was simple! For further information or a quote please contact adrian.levy@peppo.org

 Current Programmes

Peppo is working with various corporates including, international law firms Clifford Chance LLP and Allen & Overy LLP to provide tutoring to students on their social mobility programmes. The feedback received from the students and the corporates has been incredible.

For a quote for Peppo to run this programme for you, please contact adrian.levy@peppo.org