Our Vision

Peppo’s vision is of a world where each and every child or young person has the same opportunity to meet their potential. Educational inequality is one of the barriers that affects hundreds of thousands of children throughout the UK every year. In today’s digital world this is simply unacceptable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat educational inequality by providing quality online tuition for disadvantaged students.


Our Story

Peppo Tutors was set up by Adrian Levy a City lawyer and father to three teenagers. Adrian found, through attending his children’s school events and charitable work for a national children’s charity, that nothing has changed in the 32 years since he left school. Children with wealthy parents were having extra 1-to-1 tuition and performing well academically whilst disadvantaged children were left with limited or no access to extra tuition. The academic gap was widening with many disadvantaged students being left behind with no prospect of reaching their potential. This blatant inequality drove Adrian to set-up Peppo Tutors which is structured so that 1-to-1 private tuition, funds tuition for disadvantaged children.

Peppo Tutors is named after Adrian’s grandfather Peppo Levy, a chemist and an inventor, who taught Adrian chemistry, the love of literature and the importance of following your dreams. Those lessons were short lived, when Peppo unexpectedly passed away, but the memories have never faded. Peppo’s passion for knowledge and joy of learning were inspirational.¬†

Every child needs a Peppo in their life.

What is Peppo Tutors?

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise. We provide paid tutoring services to private students. All profit from the paid tutoring service goes to provide tutoring services to disadvantaged students.

How do we work?

We carefully recruit tutors who are passionate about a core GCSE subject and want to help change a child’s life. Our tutors are our magic ingredient and we believe they deserve to be paid fairly and receive training, which ensures they provide a professional service to all the students they teach.

The demand for paid tutoring comes from parents or guardians requesting tuition through the website whereas the demand for tutoring disadvantaged students comes from schools with the children being selected by teachers.

We raise the funds to tutor disadvantaged students from paid tuition as well as donations. Every hour of 1-to-1 paid tuition supports tuition for disadvantaged students. This means that the quality of the tuition for disadvantaged students is exactly the same as the tuition received by paying students.

Meet The Team


Hannah McLellan

Communications Co-ordinator

Eleanor Hassall

Operations Manager

Adrian Levy

Founder & Director
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Katrina Troth

Tutor and ECC Co-ordinator

Daniel Lynton

Education Consultant

Alex Butler

Tutor IT Consultant