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 Charities and Community Centres

Charities, Community Centres and Food Banks up and down the country provide for the wellbeing of some of the most disadvantaged young people. They do an incredible job with limited resources taking care of the immediate needs of families, providing food, clothing and critical advice.

Peppo is working with Charities, Community Centres and Food Banks to provide free online 1-to-1 tutoring to children in Years 9-11.  Many of these young people are disengaged with school and so providing them with educational support has the potential to improve their prospects and change their lives.  We have already seen young people pass GCSE’s that they previously failed, giving them a chance to go to college or start an apprenticeship and take a step closer to their dream job.

By working in partnership with Charities, Community Centres and Food Banks, we can give young people the chance of a brighter future.

How it works:
It's really very simple! Click through to find out how we could work together to give children at your organisation extra academic support.
Step 1: Referral
The Charity or Community Centre refers students attending state schools in Years 9-11 to Peppo who fall within the following criteria: currently in receipt of, or has previously received, free school meals and/or Pupil Premium; in local authority care (for a period of three months or longer); a full-time or part-time carer; or came to the UK as a refugee or an asylum seeker.
Step 2: Contact
Peppo contacts the parents/guardians to find out what tutoring would most help their child.
Step 3: Tutor Allocation
Peppo carefully select one of its handpicked, enhanced DBS checked tutors who will be both a great tutor and mentor for the student.
Step 4: Tutoring
The tutor will contact the student to arrange a day and time for the personalised 1-to-1 online tutoring. Peppo will provide 10 lessons to each child.
Step 5: Reporting
Peppo will provide the Community Centre with a regular update on the tutoring.

Here is just some of the feedback received from students and the Community Centres on our current programmes: