History, English and Religious Studies

My name is Isabel, I’m currently studying at Cambridge University. Having recently completed my secondary education, I am well-equipped to help students navigate through their exams, picking up on all of the “tips and tricks” that enable them to attain the very best grades! I have had several years of experience tutoring younger students, running a “studygram” online and offering mentorship, especially within the Humanities.

I am passionate about teaching my students to think critically and independently, hence my teaching style has always catered to the strengths and needs of the individual. In preliminary sessions, I will aim to identify their preferred style of learning – whether auditory, kinaesthetic or visual – and utilise a diverse range of strategies to break down trickier concepts. Such tools may include: creating essay plans and model paragraphs, mind mapping key ideas or just verbalising the steps as we work through complex mathematical problems.

Everyone has the potential to achieve, and I hope to be the friendly face that will enable others to succeed!

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