Biology, Chemistry and Maths

I am currently completing a Law LLB at University College London, but I thoroughly enjoyed studying both maths and chemistry at A-Level. My passion for maths grew during my first years at high school when I was taught by a passionate and committed teacher, who has influenced how I tutor today. I always enjoyed the practical aspects of chemistry, but whilst studying for my GCSE and A-Level, I realised how interesting the theoretical parts could be especially when related to their real-world applications.

Initial lessons are based on problem topics that the students, themselves, initially identify, but this will be built upon depending on how each student copes with the lessons provided. During maths sessions, I will provide a worksheet with an explanation of how to complete the skill and lots of questions – ranging from short skills-based questions to longer exam-style questions. During chemistry sessions, an initial explanation and gap-fill sheet will be provided that gives each student a core knowledge foundation, which will be used to answer questions later on in the session. This gives students a way to practice their skills and test their exam technique.

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