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How can Peppo help?

At Peppo, we provide affordable online GCSE tutoring to help students who need that extra support. We’ve seen first-hand how our GCSE tutors can help students with subjects they struggle with, setting them up for success in college and university. We’ve found online tuition to be a great way to help raise a child’s confidence both inside and outside the classroom. 

Children who are tutored are more likely to participate in the classroom, answering questions and interacting in group work. They also spend more hours completing homework, which usually results in higher GCSE exam grades.

With GCSE Tutoring a young person currently achieving a 6 in a subject can reach an 8 or 9 at GCSE. As their confidence grows, so will their love for learning which is crucial for future development. With sessions at £30 for all GCSE subjects, getting the best education for your child has never been easier. To find out more, fill out the form on our website or call us directly.

What is special about Peppo?

Where should we start?  Leaving aside the excellent high-quality tutoring Peppo is not a ruthless commercial business it has a heart and it not only cares about your child but about all children.  Peppo is a not-for-profit company which helps support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe that all students have the right to learn no matter their background.

To achieve this goal, we provide free tutoring to students that would otherwise not have the funds to pay for sessions. These private sessions are taught in the same way as paid sessions, with the same high quality GCSE tutors. They are designed to supplement normal school lessons and focus on subjects that the student is struggling with. The lessons taught include maths, English, sciences and other GCSE subjects.

For every hour of paid tutoring we will support a disadvantaged child with tutoring.  So, if you are looking for Peppo to help your child remember that you are also helping another less fortunate student. Surely this is a win-win!


GCSE Maths

It’s no secret that maths is one of the more difficult GCSE subjects. Not only does it take hours of work in the classroom to learn, but it also requires revision and extra work to master.

It can also be difficult for parents, who may not always understand the topics being taught to their child . Instead of letting your child get overwhelmed, our maths GCSE private tutors can help. With a team of exceptional maths tutors, we can make sure your child feels prepared for any assessment they have. Working with them closely, our teachers will make sure they have the confidence and knowledge to achieve top marks in maths, as well as build skills that will remain with them for life.

All maths GCSE lessons are online and are designed to be as interactive as possible. We believe that maths is much more than learning a curriculum and passing their GCSE exam. It’s about building skills that pupils can transfer to every area of their life. We want to make sure they have the confidence in the future to pursue maths and other complex subjects in university and as a future job.

Within our online maths lessons, our maths tutoring will be tailored to each pupil. We will focus on individual maths subjects that they struggle with, from Pythagoras to equations and algebra. Your child’s math tutor will provide test questions and revision topics based on the subjects they want to improve the most. They will also keep parents updated about their child’s progress so you know real time how your child is faring.

GCSE English

GCSE English is an extremely important part of education in schools. It provides pupils with an understanding of the English language, which is essential for success in university, higher education and jobs.

To be considered for many jobs, a certain grade in English is required. However, learning English literature and English language can be difficult in a large class. Students can develop gaps in their knowledge, which will cause problems with their confidence and during exams. Our English GCSE tuition can make sure your child feels confident in English lessons and feels prepared going into exams.

All of our GCSE English tutors have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements set by the exam boards. They all have the experience and skills to teach pupils in a 1-to-1 setting. In each of our lessons, your private tutor will focus on a particular subject within the GCSE English curriculum. These include book studies and presentations to SPAG and the general English language. Covering these topics ensures your child can achieve the best grade possible and have proven to be extremely helpful for academic development inside and outside the class.

GCSE Science

GCSE science is usually split into 3 different subjects: physics, biology and chemistry. As part of our GCSE tuition, we offer all three subjects, taught by a qualified GCSE tutor.

If your child is struggling to prepare for any science exam, or needs extra online teaching outside of the classroom we can help find a tutor for you. Our science tuition is specially tailored to physics, biology and chemistry GCSEs and can be fit around the schedule of both parents and children.

Achieving a high grade in any GCSE science can be difficult for pupils. Each science is completely different from the other and sometimes teachers don’t always notice if pupils fall behind in lessons. Completing homework can also be hard for parents, who may not understand the subject being taught. Our science GCSE tuition can prevent students from falling behind in any of their science GCSEs, with professional teaching from qualified GCSE teachers.

Our GCSE science tutoring service is based on topics set by exam boards and the subjects being taught in the classroom. Our tutor will focus on specific subjects being taught within school, reinforcing what pupils are learning, whilst working on any subject that your child may be struggling with. Each lesson is completely private, allowing all teaching to be focused around a single student.

Whether you want to help your pupils achieve top marks in physics, or you want to support pupils that are falling behind in chemistry, our service is a great way to help them thrive. Our tutors make it our job to help children thrive in science class. We’ve found that just a few hours of extra teaching outside of lessons can significantly improve exam results in any science subject. If you feel like your child is struggling to achieve a certain grade, let us know and one of our qualified GCSE tutors can help set them up for success.

Other GCSE Subjects

Peppo’s Tutors cover the whole range of GCSE subjects including languages, geography and history.  Peppo can help you find a tutor that fits your child’s GCSE goal and schedule. We can help them develop the skills they’ll need to achieve success at school, in college and  university. lessons.


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We’ve seen first-hand how tutoring can make a difference. It can give a child who is reluctant to say anything in front of their friends the confidence to raise their hand and tackle the most difficult questions. A young person coasting on a 6 or 7 can absolutely reach an 8 or 9 at GCSE with the right help. It doesn’t take long to build a child’s confidence and love of learning.
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