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At Peppo, we provide first class online English tutors to help your child achieve the best grades in their English exams . We offer online tuition for both English language and English literature, all of which is available for only £35 an hour. We have the knowledge and expertise to make the learning process as easy as possible for your child.  

We Focus On The Fundamentals

Having a strong understanding of the English language is an important part of early education. Not only will understanding English be important for exams, but it’s a skill that can be applied to everyday life. It will be an important part of any degree, and is one of the skills looked at by recruiters when looking for jobs in the future.

Our private English tutors help students understand the fundamentals of the English language. This includes the basics such as punctuation, spelling and grammar, to more complex features such as sentence structure, language analysis and poems.

Specially Chosen Experts

All of our tutors are carefully chosen and are thoroughly background checked before being considered. We look for several skills in each application. These include expert English skills, teaching experience and a degree from a top university. We also look for soft skills such as the ability to work with children and the ability to teach online in a fun and interactive way.

By only working with the best English tutors, we make sure our students can learn skills that will take them through their academic studies and into the workplace.   

As our tuition is online, our tutors don’t have to be local to our students. This allows us to recruit the best individuals throughout the country and removes any geographical limitation. As a result, our tutor can help your child without ever needing to be with them in a classroom. For some children, this greatly improves the way in which they go about learning English. Instead of being in a stressful classroom, they can learn from the comfort of their own home.  

GCSE English

One of the core academic qualifications we focus on is GCSE English. Our online English tutors are trained to teach English language and English literature at a GCSE level, both of which are compulsory subjects in the British curriculum.

Our English tutors create their lessons based on two factors. They consider what your child is currently learning in their class at school and the topics they need to focus on for exams. Using this information, our tutors will tailor each session to the needs of the student, ensuring they improve weaker areas and strengthen stronger areas to help your child achieve the best grades.  

To create a learning environment where students thrive, our tutors will adopt a teaching style which is consistent with the student’s learning style. By understanding their styles, each tutor can teach in a way which ensures that the student gets the most out of each hour. This allows students to learn faster than they would in normal classes and achieve better overall grades.  

From our experience, we’ve found that private GCSE English tuition can have a significant impact on students in school. In reviews, parents have reported children having more confidence in school, speaking more in group exercises and interacting with the teacher more regularly. They’ve also reported that there’s less resistance when it comes to homework, with some children even asking for additional homework outside of class.  

A Level English

The transition from GCSE English to A Level can be a big jump. If you need a tutor to help you or your teenager in your A level English studies, we have a private English tutor for you.

All of our English tutors have experience teaching English literature and English language as well as a degree from a top UK university. Each is equipped with the best online resources to help your teenager learn a particular subject within the English syllabus, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to get the best results in exams.  

All lessons are 1-to-1, with our English tutor working online with each student directly. In the lessons we focus on a range of skills including writing, analysis and understanding the core concepts behind a piece of writing. Within the lesson, our private English tutor will always try to be as interactive as possible. We understand that English studies can be somewhat difficult at times, with students struggling to connect with the main story or message behind a particular passage. By focusing on interaction, we can make sure students are more engaged than they would be in school, enhancing the rate at which they learn and understand each subject we focus on.  

Benefits Of English Tuition

As a professional tuition business, we see the benefits of our tutoring on a daily basis. Working with a tutor of English is one of the best ways to develop English as a student. Not only can online lessons boost students grades within school, but they can also help them develop their speaking and overall confidence. With just one session a week, students can quickly grasp a new subject which is fantastic for language and literature development. Here are a few of the benefits we’ve seen from our English tutoring. 


Greater Understanding Of English Topics

With so much going on in the classroom, understanding every topic can be extremely difficult for students.  With an online English tutor, you don’t need tutors near you to get that extra support. Our Private English tutor can help you or your teenager better understand the topics covered in English lessons. With only an hour a week, students can receive the support they need to improve their writing, spelling, grammar, comprehension and much more.  

Greater Awareness of Available Support

In the past, English resources were limited to the classroom and what a teacher may have made available in the form of photocopied sheets. But the world has moved on and our tutors can point students to a huge quantity of online resources that are available which will help to enrich a student’s learning experience and provide the, all important, exam practice so that a student can hone their exam technique.  

Skill Development

The subjects taught in English can be applied to more than just school. They can be applied to everyday life  as well as future studies a college or university. Our teachers create each lesson with this in mind. Our tutoring is focused on skill development that can be used outside of the classroom. We’re constantly praised in our reviews for not only enhancing our pupils English studies, but how they apply English to their daily lives.  

 Our tutors can help your child develop their English in a weekly hour long lesson. So, contact us now and we will find a first rate English tutor for your child.  

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