Peppo Tutors takes safeguarding very seriously and has set out below some behavioural guidelines that should be followed to safeguard children and young people. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with Peppo’s Safeguarding Policy and its Safeguarding Procedures.

What behaviour is expected of Peppo Personnel?

Peppo Personnel (which includes tutors and is defined in Peppo Safeguarding Policy) should always maintain appropriate professional boundaries and behaviour with a child that they teach. It is not a relationship of equals and so they must ensure that this unequal balance of power is not used for personal advantage or gratification.

Peppo Personnel must:

General: Treat all children and young people with respect and be sensitive to their needs. Treat students fairly and without prejudice and discrimination.

Appearance: Wear clothes which are appropriate for their role, that are not viewed as offensive, revealing or provocative, do not contain political affiliations or other contentious slogans and are not considered discriminatory or culturally insensitive.

Teaching Environment: If on-line, ensure that their environment does not display any inappropriate images or items capable of being viewed by the child during the teaching session and that there is no inappropriate background noise or language. If in-person, avoid being alone with the child. All in person sessions must happen in a public place or in an office with a door open, ensuring there are other people present in the vicinity. Under no circumstances should a child visit the tutor’s home.

Physical contact: Avoid any physical contact with a child during an in-person lesson.

Communication: Only communicate with a child in a professional manner. All language should be appropriate and not offensive or discriminatory. They should only have contact with a child they are tutoring at the times and in the venues or in the on-line manner that has been pre-agreed.

Child’s Information: Treat all information and data about a child with sensitivity.

Gifts: Avoid giving gifts to a child even when supporting positive behaviour. If a tutor wishes to give a gift it should be discussed in advance with the parent or responsible adult or with the school.

Infatuation: Occasionally a child may develop an infatuation with an adult who works with them. Peppo Personnel must deal with these situations sensitively and appropriately to maintain the dignity and safety of all concerned. The relevant person should report the incident

Report: Report any incidents or concerns that a child may be at risk. See Peppo Safeguarding Procedures.


Peppo Personnel must not:

General: Discriminate against or harass a child or any Peppo Personnel on the basis of that person’s age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage or civil partnership; pregnancy or maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; and/or sexual orientation.

Relationship: Engage in, or attempt to engage in, a sexual or inappropriate relationship with a child. Make suggestive or provocative comments to a child or about a child whether in front of them or via email, text or otherwise (including discussing their own sexual relationships).

Communication: Communicate with a child outside of a teaching session including by social media, which includes (but is not limited to) ‘WhatsApp’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Snapchat’, ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Twitter’.

Alcohol/Drugs: Be under the influence of alcohol or other substances when tutoring or otherwise working on activities involving children.

Photographs: Take photographs of a child without permission from Peppo, the child and the parents or responsible person.

Child’s Information: Transfer the personal data of a child to third parties without express permission from Peppo, the child and the parents or responsible person. Disclose information about a child on-line or otherwise.

Tutor’s information: Reveal excessive personal details to a child you are tutoring (for example, your address, e-mail address or phone number).

Peppo Personnel who fail to conduct themselves as required may be barred from Peppo website with immediate effect. Any serious breaches may result in a referral being made to the police or the relevant Local Authorities Designated Officer. Any recordings may be provided by Peppo to the police or relevant agencies.


What behaviour is expected of a child being tutored?

A child being tutored by Peppo should behave in the same respectful manner as is expected of them at school.
The child should treat the tutor with respect and fairness and not subject them to abusive behaviour or language and should not make any inappropriate suggestions to the tutor. The child should attend the lesson on time. The child should not seek to contact the tutor outside of the session whether by social media or otherwise. The child should report any concerns about a tutor to a parent or person or responsible person.
A parent or responsible person should be present or available during a tutor session.

Date of Guidelines: January 2021