Revising – Think Lego!

How to Organise Your Workload: Just Like Building a Lego Castle

Managing a busy workload, balancing studies and extra-curricular activities whilst leaving some time for yourself, is not easy. In fact, it’s a task in its own right, and a very important one too. Striking the right balance and organising your day and your workload in the most efficient way, can lead to magnificent results.

Our advice is to organise your workload as if you were building a Lego castle – yep, it’s child’s play, when you know how. Let us explain.

Step 1: Laying the Foundations.

When building a Lego castle, the first few bricks are critical as they support the whole castle. Similarly, starting your day by setting some strong foundations is very important. The foundations should take the form of a to-do list which will help clarify what your tasks for the day are.  And don’t forget to start with some simple, small tasks, since this will help you get going and give you a boost that can carry you through the day. Just imagine starting the day at 9am and ticking off your list at least 2-3 things by 10am. The day is still young, and you’ll be smashing it!

Another useful tactic is to schedule the most difficult and challenging task for times when you are most productive. This will enable you to execute them efficiently whilst being focussed. So, depending on whether you work best during the day or night (never understood these types of people – everyone needs sleep!), you should schedule your tasks accordingly.

Step 2: One Block at a Time

Another useful tactic is to focus on one task at a time. This will make sure that your mind is clear on what you need to do. Multi-tasking can prove risky, as you will never be truly focussed on any one of them, increasing the chance that you’ll miss something.

Neither was Rome built in a day nor a Lego castle (unless it was a small one with only a few bricks). Just imagine building different sides of a Lego castle at the same time, rushing through them, only to find when you thought you were finished, that your castle has no doors! That’s going to make rescuing the princess a bit tricky!

Step 3: It’s Not Just Walls and Doors

Imagine that you have laid the foundations for your castle, you have built it, there are walls and doors (hurray – the princess is saved), but something is still missing. You need something extra as every good castle reflects the imagination and creativity of its builder; it may be flags or a gothic design, but you need something to make it unique. Well, the same applies to your day-to-day life. It is not just about studying, revising or practising past questions. You need to leave some time for yourself. You need to schedule in your day, time when you can focus on yourself, you can relax, and clear your mind of the worries of the day.

The usual advice for “down time” is to exercise, take a walk, or read a book. These activities will help you relax and boost your productivity in general. However, the choice is yours – no-one can tell you the best way you relax. You may want to play Eminem at top volume until your ears bleed (although we wouldn’t recommend it) or just scroll endlessly through TikTok and Instagram (better idea). The point is you should do things that you like and that will help you relax and take your mind off your work. This is really important.

Your Castle is Ready

So, our top tip for organising your workload is to imagine you are building a Lego castle. Set the foundations, focus on one side of the castle at a time, do not miss-out the details (i.e the doors), and do not let your castle be a monotonous grey one. Remember to inject your personality into your day, make it your own. Good luck.

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